Police Beat: Track meet noise bothers neighbor


Missing Person

March 17 – A Boy Scout went missing during the Scoutorama. He was relocated with his mom.


March 16 – A woman left her wedding ring valued at $1,100 in her pants pocket. She washed her pants in the Wymount Terrace laundry facility. When she realized what had happened, she returned to the laundry facility, but both the ring and the pants were gone.

Lost Property

March 16 – A $1,300 Nikon camera and $400 Nikon lens are missing from the Motion Picture Studios. An individual checked out the items for a group project. A number of people had to use the equipment, and the man who checked the items out lost track of their location.

Traffic Offense

March 16 – A male and female were seeing riding on a scooter on the sidewalk outside of Building 26 in Heritage Halls. When police arrived the individuals were nowhere in sight.

Suspicious Behavior

March 16 – A male was found sleeping on the third floor of the JKB at 5 am. He said he had fallen asleep the evening before and had not meant to sleep all night. The man was informed of the building rules on remaining in a building after hours.

March 16 – A girl’s scream was reported outside of Stover Hall in Helaman Halls. Police arrived but were unable to locate anyone in distress.


March 15 – A car alarm went off in a parking lot. Police located the car owner’s phone number but were unable to make contact.

March 16 – A group of men was reported yelling and swearing in Wymount Terrace, preventing neighbors from sleeping. The residents had family over and were preparing to leave for the evening. Police informed them of the complaint and the group agreed to be more quiet and to shut their windows.

March 17 – A man who lives near the BYU track complained of too much noise during an NCAA track meet. An officer mediated the situation.

Criminal Mischief

March 15 – Custodians found scratches on the elevator control panel in the JFSB. The appear to say either “SKI” or “KING.” The situation is under investigation.

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