City Creek Center opens in Salt Lake Thursday


EnergySolutions Arena. Gateway Mall. Trolley Square. Capitol Theatre. Salt Lake City prides itself have the some of the state’s hottest attractions located in its city.  The upscale City Creek Center will join the list when it officially opens Thursday to shoppers and tourists.

City Creek Center (also known as the “Triple C”) will be one of the nation’s largest mixed-use downtown redevelopment projects. The retractable glass roof, a man-made creek through the mall and more than 90 popular stores and restaurants will attract a huge audience. Offices, residential space and retail space will also be provided.

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The new City Creek Center opens this week and features about 80 stores, including some that are new to the market.
In fact, this mall is the only U.S. mall scheduled to open in 2012, according to the International Council of Shopping Centers. Linda Wardell, who works for Taubman Properties, leads this 700,000-square foot attraction. She oversees operations like facilities management, security, housekeeping and marketing.

The “Triple C” could affect Salt Lake City’s other outdoor mall just a few blocks away: The Gateway. BYU sophomore Megan Bain and shopping enthusiast said she would just simply check out City Creek Center at first, but then go back to The Gateway. However, once she learned that H&M, Nordstrom, and many more of her favorite stores that are not at Gateway but at the “Triple C”,  she may have changed her mind.

“I would ditch Gateway for those stores at City Creek because Gateway doesn’t have what I need compared to them,” Bain said. “And if City Creek has a roof to keep me warm, I’m definitely going there rather than Gateway.”

Wardell, however, said The Gateway and City Creek complement each other.

“What makes Salt Lake City such an attractive place to shop is that there are two downtown locations where people can choose to shop and dine,” Wardell said. “And we’ve said all along that there are some things that Gateway is going to have some things that City Creek Center won’t offer.”

While these two are in close proximity of each other and competition will be bigger than ever, most studies indicate that stores do better the more there are to choose from. City Creek could help Gateway gain bigger profits.

On the other hand, a few stores from The Gateway  have moved to City Creek Center. A few are having two stores at both locations, but many have fled to the newest and latest Salt Lake City attraction.

Gateway’s general manager, Steve Bennett, said if it is good for downtown, it is good for Gateway.

City Creek Center is located immediately next to Temple Square and the site is owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is hoped the new development will help improve and stabilize land use around the church’s downtown Temple Square and adjacent campus. Most shops will close on Sundays in deference to Church standards.


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