Letter: You are important


As students we keep hearing, “Attend your caucus,” “Attend your caucus,” “Attend your caucus.” It’s easy to be apathetic and claim, “I have too much homework,” but the truth is that the decisions being made in Washington, D.C. will affect us more than anyone else. I’ve attended these meetings before and have enjoyed seeing people who are passionate and educated about local and national politics. But we need more, we need students. Students are important.

I will be attending my local caucus meeting on March 15 to support the candidate who can best make the changes that will ensure a brighter financial future for me and my family. Regardless of whom you support or what your party affiliation is, I encourage you to attend and make your voice heard. Show up to your caucus with photo ID and proof of address (a letter sent to your apartment), and you can participate. It’s our future being decided in Washington and if we want it to be bright, we must take part in the process.


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