Letter: Picky Proposals


The story is told, and after screaming and admiring the ring, they assign the young gentleman a rating — five stars for a cute proposal, scoffs for an uncreative one.

I recently read an article where a young, unmarried, BYU student absolutely ripped into men for public proposals. She claimed a man would never understand what a proposal means to a woman, he should be thinking of her, and never propose in public where the pressure comes from bystanders.

However, throughout her argument, she belittles men and their investment in proposals. She goes as far to say if the man does not propose in a cute way, he may only be claiming to love his woman, because he has not investigated her perfect idea of a proposal.

She fails to consider that the man is the one actually asking the question and also feels pressure. Men also look forward to proposing. I just listened to one of my guy friends fantasize of the future day when he will propose to the woman of his dreams. The woman is not the only factor or important person in a proposal. I hope all proposals are as magical and special as all women and men imagine they will be, but when they do fail in glamor, the man does not deserve blame. Do we treat the question so critical to the most amazing commitment of our lives like a demand for a status symbol to impress other women? I am down on one knee proposing that women think a little more about the excitement of eternal love, rather than criticizing the creativity (or lack-luster) of a proposal.

Gilbert, Ariz.

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