Police Beat: Female student assaulted in Wyview Park parking lot


Suspicious Activity

Feb. 8 – A faculty member saw two individuals taking photographs at a lab in the Widtsoe building. When asked by the faculty member, the two individuals said they were from chemical management, which later the department denied. No property was reported missing. It is currently under investigation.


Feb. 8 – A student reported his bike stolen from the JSB bike lot. The lost bike and specialized helmet were worth about $350. The student said he did not lock the bike.

Feb. 10 – A student reported his bike stolen from the new Heritage Hall area. He said he did not lock the bike because he lost the lock.

Feb. 12 – A female student reported her iPhone stolen at the Cannon Center. While eating in the cafeteria, she left her phone on the table and went to get more food. When she came back, the iPhone was gone.

Feb. 13 – A student reported his laptop stolen in the Benson building. He put the laptop in his backpack under his seat and went to a restroom. When he came back about five minutes later the laptop was missing.

Feb. 13 – A 49-year-old male was arrested at the BYU Bookstore for stealing three textbooks worth about $530.  He was later found to have an extensive criminal history.

Verbal Altercation

Feb. 8 – Two male individuals were reported having a verbal altercation in the Smith Fieldhouse. One of them was a student, the other was not. They were arguing about a girl they both knew and dated.


Feb. 8 – An 11-year-old boy was reported missing at the Smith Fieldhouse by his father. They occasionally come to work out together. A BYU police officer was dispatched. A custodian reported the missing boy, who was wandering around in the building, to the officer. There was no crime and the boy was reunited with his family.

Feb. 12 – A husband resident of Wymount Terrace reported a missing wife. He told the officer his wife had not come back from grocery shopping. During the interview, the wife walked into the room.

Criminal mischief

Feb. 14 – Graffiti was found on a metal pole at the point of Maeser Hill.  It was soon removed.


Feb. 8 – A complaint was received from the JFSB about mysterious flyers posted on some professors’ office doors. One flyer had a message, “Cosmo likes this,” with a thumbs-up sign, the other one had “Cosmo doesn’t like this” with a thumbs-down sign.


Feb. 10 – A female student reported she was physically assaulted by a former acquaintance, in the Wyview Park parking lot. She said she met the individual at a party in Orem last year and he gave her a ride home. She said he shoved a sock in her mouth and constantly beat her head. She said even though she blacked out a few times, she managed to run away from him eventually. She said his name is Patrick and he is 5-11, has short black curly hair and weighs about 225 pounds. Any person who has information on this is encouraged to contact BYU Police.


Feb. 8 – A deer was caught in the metal fence around the BYU Student Health Center area. The deer was soon freed.

Warrant Service

Feb. 14 – A male student was arrested and incarcerated in a Utah County jail for a warrant. He had failed to appear in court for a stalking charge. The bail was set at $2,500.

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