Campus Blog: How to make a BYU meme


Last week I wrote about BYU memes and their increasing popularity. With more and more colleges joining the meme trend, we have to keep the memes coming. There is much talk about how to correctly create a meme, so here are a few steps to help you add to the conversation.

1. Look at the photo options. There are a few websites out there which host “meme themes” and have established memes that you can use. MemeGenerator and Knowyourmeme are two popular sites with different ideas for memes.

2. Pick a photo.

3. Think of a clever or witty saying that will go with the picture. The less text, the better. It is also good to look at other memes and follow the same format and wording.

4. Add the text to the photo using Photoshop or one of the online websites mentioned above.

5. Add your meme online!

[easyembed field=”Vimeo”]

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