Only At BYU


The cool kids sit in the front of the class, only at BYU. When two students are named James and John, people ask where Peter is. Only at BYU. People camp out to sign their housing contracts, only at BYU.

On campus, stereotypes are turned into jokes that circulate throughout the student body. These jokes and phrases take a unified form, “only at BYU.”

Perrin Gerber, a food science major from West Point, N.Y., had no shortage of these phrases.

“The Mrs. degree, only at BYU,” Gerber said. “The ring check is like breathing, only at BYU. Holding the priesthood is a pickup line, only at BYU.”

Gerber said he felt these are jokes, but also that they are true to a point.

Chad Bradshaw, a neuroscience major from Orting, Wash., knew some of these jokes as well.

“Engaged after a week of dating, only at BYU,” Bradshaw said. “Saran-wrapping statues before rival games, only at BYU.”

Bradshaw said he thought these jokes are funny. He also recognized some believed this is not always the case.

“Some people may get offended by these phrases because it’s a way of life that only exists at BYU,” Bradshaw said. “It may be a part of their life, so it’s hard when people make fun of it. They are based on truth, but we blow it out of proportion.”

Gerber said these phrases do indeed represent the school, but no one should really take them seriously.

Derek Flora, an international relations major from Chino Hills, Calif., thinks the jokes are spot on.

“They are fairly accurate,” Flora said. “Many people in the LDS culture are so focused on getting married that they forget why they came to BYU in the first place.”

Breanne Booren, a dieteticsĀ major from Arvada, Colo., had a different take on the phrases.

“I think they are more for people who don’t go to BYU,” Booren said. “They are made for stereotype fitting.”

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