Letter: When the Lord commands


I met my wife four months to the day before we were sealed.

Many told us we were moving too fast, we needed more time to know it was right.

However, who are they to question the will of the Lord, or our ability to receive revelation for ourselves?

I received an urgent prompting to move out of my parents’ home to an area where I knew one person.

However, in a short time, I crossed paths with my future wife.

The Lord told us both it was the right decision and right time to be sealed.

What reason was there to delay?

What right did I, or anyone else, have to question the will of the Lord?

The Lord guides our lives as we allow Him. He knows the path that will lead us to ultimate happiness in this life.

Even if we cannot see the end result of following His commands, He can.

The decision of marriage and childbirth are indeed some of the biggest decisions we will make.

For some, the Lord’s will is to wait, for others he has plans. Those plans may involve a handsome little boy, born within the first year of marriage so, at the right time, he will be on a mission, crossing the street at the same time as a father who just lost his child and needs the comfort of the Plan of Happiness this boy will share.

A.J. Smith
Thatcher, Ariz.

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