Letter: A personal decision


I’m blown away by the overly judgmental view of the author of “Speed sealing (10/25)” and even more blown away they would desire to have it published in The Daily Universe for others to read.

It’s true marriage is one of the biggest decisions we’ll ever make, but respect for the institution is not found in the amount of time it takes to happen but in knowing the eternal impact it will have and having the desire and commitment to make it work successfully.

The author knows nothing of other individuals’ relationships so it bothers me they would call a shorter timetable disrespectful.

That is a judgment call that cannot be made because it does not concern the author at all.

It’s great it worked for the author to date for a year before becoming engaged, but don’t look down on others because they see fit to do it in less time.

David Stinson
Dothan, Ala.

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