Police Beat 10-25


Criminal Mischief:

October 23: A Provo resident complained of loud “hooting and hollering” coming from the Creamery parking lot. The police arrived on the scene at 12:40 a.m.. Twelve students from Heritage Hall were listening to Beyonce; they were warned and released.

Oct. 20: Heritage Building 25 had a lock and handle broken off one of the doors. Officers believed someone was trying to gain entry. The case is still under investigation.

Oct. 22: Five statues on the south side of the Museum of Art were found with lipstick on their lips. Officers removed the lipstick.


Oct. 20: A scam was carried out on an individual trying to sell a keyboard online for $90. The seller was quickly contacted by an interested buyer who lived abroad, but after a month of not hearing any final business plans the seller contacted the interested buyer. The interested buyer explained that their son was in the hospital and they needed a favor. The buyer arranged to send a $1,500 check to the seller. The seller was to send $1,300 on to an international shipper in the Philippines and as a thank you, the seller could keep $200. The seller went along with the arrangement twice, but after finding out the checks bounced, they bailed. The buyer sent increasingly aggressive emails asking the seller to continue with the arrangement. The seller now owes the bank $2,600 because the suspect was never identified. The victim still has the keyboard.

Oct. 21: A student lost her cell phone at the Wilkinson Center bus stop. When she texted her phone to see if anyone had found it, she received a text back informing her that she could have her phone back for $150. The victim notified the police, who set up a sting operation. The meeting was at a grocery store in downtown Provo. After police identified the suspect, the victim entered the store to carry out the trade. When the victim asked for the phone, the suspect, accompanied by two friends, motioned for the money. Police arrested and booked the suspect. She was charged on two counts and, due to past charges, will have her charges enhanced to third degree.


Oct. 21-25: On the night of the 25th police were called to a park twice on marijuana reports, but were unsuccessful at catching any suspects both times.


Oct. 20: A fire was reported at the Creamery. The fire was already put out upon the officers’ arrival. The fire is believed to have been caused by a build-up of grease in one of the grills.

Oct. 21: An individual called from the library to report a man in a revealing blue man suit walking around campus.

Oct. 24: A morning custodian in the MSRB found two persons asleep in a room on the first floor. The persons said they had been studying the night before and fallen asleep. No charge was given.


Oct. 24: An individual lost their passport while attending church. It has not been found, and the individual needs it to go home.


Oct. 21: A dog at the botany pond was reported to be nipping at children. Provo animal control officers were unable to catch the dog.

Oct. 21: A student commuting from Springville had a beaver hitch a ride on his engine compartment. Upon arriving at the canopy area in the Wilk, the beaver jumped off the car and found safety in a recycling bin. Animal control picked up the beaver.


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