Letter: Bikers’ invisibility cloaks


In response to the letter “Chameleon Bikers (10/11),” I’m afraid I must admit (and complain) many of the cyclists on and around campus do not follow most, if any, of the traffic laws.

However, as one of the cyclists who always rides on the right side of the road in the bike lane, always uses lights at night, never rides on the sidewalk between classes and even uses hand signals, I can assure you the bikers are not the only ones to blame.

It feels as though I am putting on an invisibility cloak every time I mount my bike.

The truth is, however, we are not “chameleons” trying to hide from you; you just aren’t looking.

I am sick and tired of dealing with pedestrians who don’t use crosswalks and/or are so engrossed in their electronics they become a safety hazard for motorists and cyclists alike.

I am tired of almost getting hit by drivers who do not see me because they are talking on their cell phone or texting.

I am sorry we cyclists are so difficult to see, but is it fair all the responsibility of road-awareness should fall on our shoulders?

Please look at the traffic laws for your vehicle (even if your “vehicle” is your feet) and follow them for the safety of us all.


Jesse Howell

Crownpoint, N.M.

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