Letter: The doctrine of hair


The letter “Honorable Hair (10/11)” left me puzzled.

It was so outlandish even Stephen Colbert could not have done a better job satirizing that point of view with a team full of writers.

But then it hit me — the author was serious.

Really? Paul was addressing the Hellenized Corinthians and impressing Jewish customs upon them.

Taking this passage out of context breeds dangerous attitudes if LDS people collectively apply them.

While we’re at it, why don’t we just take an out of context reading of the same book of scripture and never allow women to speak in church?

Should we have beards now because early church leaders all sported them?

In our quest to avoid the world, should we cut ourselves off?

Cultural changes happen all the time, and often, they need to happen.

Let girls have short hair if they want and, especially, if they can pull if off.

If long hair for men were not a taboo in some aspects of American life, the Honor Code would not reflect that flippant standard.

Hairstyles will never be a doctrinal issue because they only matter for temporal success, not spiritual success.

If you want to hold to 1900-year-old dress standards, so be it. You’re only hurting Zion by giving people reason to spread discontent.


Sam Dodini

Gilbert, Ariz.


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