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Although summertime may be a bit slower academia-wise at BYU, that doesn’t mean the school grinds to a halt. Here’s a look at the highlights of what happened on campus during the spring and summer:

Cougar lacrosse takes championship

The Cougar lacrosse team pushed through the rain and doubts of many, taking the 2011 national championship against Arizona State this past spring.

The 2011 season of BYU lacrosse was deemed successful this past year. With efforts from each member of the team and many coaches, the season ended with a 20-3 record.

“Our team had to be the best group of guys I’ve ever been around,” said Brian Mathay, a senior captain for the team.







[media-credit name=”Chris Bunker” align=”alignleft” width=”224″]Chris Bunker

The season came down to the end with BYU playing its best in four final games in Colorado at the national tournament. With the Cougars viewed as the underdog, the team flew under the radar beating University of California Santa Barbara, Florida State and Colorado State to make it to the finals.

“We had to fight to the top,” Mathay said. “They never thought we would win at all.”

The final game against Arizona State University was filled with moments that pushed the crowd to the edge of their seats. Rain poured down as the players each stepped up at the right time to win the game 10-8.

“The energy on the field was amazing, and it was a once in a lifetime feeling,” Mathay said.

Baby born in Budge Hall

A new life was brought into the world, not in the comforts of the hospital, but in the unlikely setting of Budge Hall.

A short, five-hour delivery surprised father and mother Jeff and Natalie Larson, hall advisers in Budge Hall at Helaman Halls. The couple planned on having the baby in a birthing center with the help of a midwife. But all the birthing classes could not have prepared them for the delivery.

“I was glad I had gotten enough sleep the night before,” said proud father Jeff Larson.

Natalie Larson delivered a bouncing baby boy on July 26 at 8 pounds, 22 inches while her husband received instruction over the phone. Recalling the event, both parents felt inspired that the birth happened the way it was supposed to.

Brian Larson was born right on BYU campus - literally.

“Heavenly Father was a huge part of it,” said wife and mom, Natalie Larson. “Mom, dad and Heavenly Father working as a team is what having a baby is all about.”

After the arrival of baby Brian Enoch Larson, the father ran into the hallway of Budge covered in blood. An Especially for Youth counselor walked by and cautiously asked if he needed help.

“Oh don’t worry about it, we just had a baby,” the beaming father said.

The dedication of the BYU Broadcast Building

BYU added new additions to campus with the dedication of two new buildings, bringing new life, tours and excitement among students and the local community.

With all that BYU has to offer, a building was needed to house all of the radio, television and digital media operations. Plans were put in place in June 2009 to construct a 100,000-square-foot facility for BYU Broadcasting. The plans included a television studio that competes with local studios in its state-of-the-art technology. The new building is located east of the Marriott Center and construction was completed this summer, making the dedication a special event several weeks ago.

The new BYU Broadcasting facility was dedicated by President Henry B. Eyring this summer. Christine Armbruster

President Henry B. Eyring dedicated the new broadcast facility and gave his thoughts on the new technology and innovation BYU has experienced through this project.

“Of course, broadcasting as we know it today and what it will become tomorrow would not be possible without the continued explosion of information technology operating behind it,” President Eyring said at the dedication.

The building has also generated new jobs with more than 80 full-time employees and 250 student employees; the new facility is full of life and considered to be a wonderful addition to BYU’s campus.

Stadium of Fire

In an effort to celebrate America’s independence, the annual event of the Stadium of Fire brought in live entertainment and residents from all over Utah to join in on the fun.

Every year, BYU hosts the Stadium of Fire in the LaVell Edwards Stadium on the north side of campus. The event started back in 1980, and has been an annual celebration ever since. The event involves live entertainment, this year Brad Paisley and David Archuleta took center stage.

Country music star Brad Paisley performs during Stadium of Fire on Saturday at LaVell Edwards Stadium.
“The entertainment was amazing this year,” said Heather Friden, an attendee and sophomore majoring in social science. “Brad Paisley and David Archuleta did an exceptional job. I think this year was one of the best I’ve ever been to.”








With seating for more than 60,000 people, the event is one of the biggest Fourth of July celebrations across the country. People travel for miles to attend this event located here at BYU.

“The Stadium of Fire is an event that brings positive attention to BYU, and I feel it has improved its reputation,” Friden said. “The event is always a huge success.”

Student Fitness and Spin Center

BYU is promoting student health with a new student fitness center coupled with a new spin center available for use by students and faculty.

A newly developed student wellness program has been created to help students and faculty be healthy in not just one, but eight key areas of life. Career, emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual are eight dimensions that the new program promotes.

“The mission of Student Wellness is to provide guidance, education, resources and opportunities in an environment that is supportive of life-long behaviors that promote a healthier, happier, successful life,” said Larry Hall, the director of Student Wellness.

The Student Wellness campaign will officially launch today and Thursday through the Involvapalooza event in Brigham Square.

To promote fitness, a brand new student fitness center is open on the second floor of the Smith Fieldhouse, from 6 a.m.-10 p.m. for all students and faculty Monday to Saturday. It is over 6,000 square feet, and is not used for any classes, giving students full, free access 16 hours a day. Also open is a new spinning facility that holds classes through the university and an activity program. The new spin center is located in the Richards Building by the racquetball courts. Yoga, Pilates, aerobic dance and Zumba classes are also offered through the Student Activity curriculum.

“The students have been greatly served during these difficult economic times with new facilities and opportunities focused on wellness and fitness,” Hall said. “The new spinning facility is a fabulous addition to our facilities and class offerings.”

For more information visit: studentwellness.byu.edu.









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