Letter: Simple is revolutionary


The anti-MyPlate responses are really starting to bum me out.

MyPlate is much clearer to the average food consumer, young and old.

The Food Pyramid served its purpose, but when compared to MyPlate, it is more complicated.

For example, how many of us actually counted our 6-11 servings allotment of the bread, cereal, rice and pasta group and adjusted for our body size, condition, fitness goals, as well as studied labels to understand portion size and then consumed accordingly?

Most Americans do not eat enough fruits and vegetables.

This new food plate clearly shows a balanced meal includes half a plate of fruits and vegetables.

Most Americans also eat way too many refined, over-processed, nutrient-void grains. Carbohydrates can and should be our friends, but the recommendation is at least half of the grains consumed should be whole grains.

Eat lean protein, drink lean milk, limit high sodium foods, avoid oversized portions and drink more water — MyPlate isn’t overly simplistic, it is revolutionary.

Both the Food Pyramid and MyPlate are useful daily food guides, but the simpler explanation, MyPlate, is better because it is a more useful teaching tool.

Because it is easier to remember and understand, it has a greater power to help us make smarter food choices.

The Food Pyramid just wasn’t getting the job done.

Emily Harper
Lancaster, Pa.

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