Letter: New pyramid, old pyramid


The Viewpoint on the new MyPlate program (6/9) would have us believe Americans are too dense to understand a simple pyramid. However, the facts presented in the article are misleading.

The editor implied the old pyramid was simple and easy to understand by saying, “The stuff you should eat a lot of sits at the bottom of the pyramid  (largest point). The stuff you should eat the least of sits at the top of the pyramid (its smallest point).”

This description was true of the pyramid from 1992 to 2005. However, in 2005 the simple pyramid we grew up with was replaced with an abomination I must assume was influenced by strong dairy and meat lobbyists who were sick of their products being portrayed as less healthy than fruits, vegetables and grains.

This most recent pyramid was hard to understand and gave no guidance on the actual number of servings we were supposed to eat.

Instead, users of the new pyramid were encouraged to visit a website and type in all sorts of personal information before finding out how many servings of bread they should eat.

Only the website itself was confusing and difficult to use.

I agree with the Viewpoint the old pyramid was simple and made sense. However, the old pyramid is not what was replaced by the MyPlate program.

Gordon Mancuso
Baton Rouge, La.

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