BYU Theft Sept. 9 — An individual’s cell phone was reported stolen from a charging station. Sept. 10 — A bicycle secured with a cable lock at a bike rack on campus was reported stolen. The theft was entered on the national article theft database. Sept. 10 — A vehicle was broken into at Y […]

BYU Theft An officer responded to the WSC following a report of a missing keyboard. Later in the day, the keyboard was located in the area behind a desk. Criminal Mischief An officer responded to a report of a heart and swastika painted in a parking stall in parking lot 40. The paint shop was […]

BYU Fraud An individual reported a check fraud scheme where a check of a large amount was received and the difference was to be sent to another bank account. Theft An individual reported a bicycle secure with a wire lock taken from the bike racks outside Heritage Halls. Harassment An individual reported receiving a harassing […]

Two decades ago, Stephanie Farrell’s mother dropped her off at a friend’s house while she ran some errands. Farrell, who was 5 years old at the time, would never see her mother again. “I fell asleep at the window waiting for her to come home,” said Farrell. “She never came home.” Over 20 years later, […]