Pilgrims cross paths in Salt Lake City

Alex Grardel has been hitchhiking across the United States searching for pilgrims and pilgrimages since September. He's been to Kurt Cobain's house, Bruce Lee's grave, Wounded Knee and the Walden Pond. His latest travels have brought him to Utah.

Peek into the life of a plant and wildlife professor

A BYU plant and wildlife professor shares his passion for research and how it is changing the world.

Spotify takes a big jump into the podcasting game

NEW YORK (AP) — Spotify is making a bigger bet on podcasts as it looks to bring a Netflix-like model of original programs to...

Opponents of Keystone XL Pipeline watch legal developments; happy construction on...

United States District Judge, Brian Morris, issued a 54-page order to temporarily stop the construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline over the Trump Administration's approval on Nov 8.

Pollution progress stunted by growing population

The valleys along the Wasatch Front have long posed a problem for air pollution and there is a lot of information to take into consideration when evaluating the Utah air problem.
Even Stevens

‘Social impact’ a Utah business focus

Skincare, technology, sandwiches, outdoor gear, art — these are just a few of the industries in Utah that both sell a product and make...