Ladylike: Dude looks like a lady

Photo Illustration by Emily Harrah via Pexels

In this podcast, Universe Contributor Danielle Hallows explores what it means to be a lady in today’s modern world.

She explores different generations and cultures, hoping to understand where we received our current definition. “I think every girl deserves the opportunity to explore what being a lady means to her,” Hallows said.

“A lot of people tried to talk me out of it saying I don’t fit the mold for a neurosurgeon,” said Dr. Amanda Jensen, who was the first female applicant accepted into her current neurosurgery program in Texas. “I’m not an old grumpy man. I’m too nice to be a neurosurgeon. I’m too pretty to be a neurosurgeon. So I’ve had a whole bunch of things that you would be very surprised that people have said to me, but I have pursued in it and been unapologetically me.”

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