Podcast: Finding strength through the power of story

Photo Illustration by Andrew Call via pexels.com

From audio correspondent Camilla Owens: Stories are as old as we are. They teach us not only how to survive, but how to thrive. The true power of storytelling comes through the connections we build with the characters within a text. For instance, adversity of a character can help us to confront and overcome the adversity in our own lives. Find out how stories can be a strength for you.

“People are inherently narrative creatures,” Dr. Miles Romney said. “We’re hard-wired to tell stories, it’s just part of our DNA. A lot of what we do in this world, and the way we interpret the world, where we share our experiences in the world, and make meaning and connect with people in the world, is to tell stories. We can all empathize and understand these experiences and these feelings based on what these stories evoke.”

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