BYU biology professor receives 3-year National Science Foundation grant to research in Antarctica

Adams has visited Antarctica off and on since 1993 when a professional colleague offered him a place on a research team traveling to the southernmost continent. He obtained a research grant earlier this year, allowing him to take three students with him to Antarctica.

Students, professors express thoughts on textbook prices

As the chapters of the first few weeks of the fall semester close, one burden is still weighing on students’ minds and backs: textbooks.

Video of the Day: Otter makes friends with ape

A 10-month-old otter pup makes friends with a gibbon ape in Brookfield, Illinois on Sept.13. The two were introduced into the same habitat at the zoo. The otter pup lives in the water underneath the gibbon’s treetop, but this didn't stop him from climbing up the tree roots to reach the primate.

Walk a mile in their wheels: BYU students discuss college life in a wheelchair

Skateboards, scooters and bikes are the most common form of wheeled transportation on college campuses; less common devices are wheelchairs. For BYU’s small wheelchair-using population, everyday life at college looks different to the typical college student. 

Support coach explains prejudice surrounding young, divorced Latter-day Saints

Stigma around young and divorced single members of the church is prevalent in LDS culture but studies show that dating should still be a priority.

Video of the Day: Teacher rescues owl tangled in soccer net

l that was caught in a soccer net on Sept. 16 in Plymouth, Wisconsin. The science teacher used scissors and her heavy-duty chemistry gloves to cut through the net and set the owl free.
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