BYU students have lowest energy music taste in the world, Spotify data finds

The algorithm-generated list Every College At Once, which processes Spotify user’s listening data, reveals that BYU students collectively have the least energetic music taste of any university community in the world.

BYU students discuss new release of ‘Puss in Boots: The Last Wish’

BYU students shared their insights about the latest release of the new movie "Puss in Boots: The Last Wish," regarding its imaginative characters, storyline and animation styles.

Sundance artists discuss avoiding burnout in their careers

The 2023 Sundance film festival hosted a seminar Saturday with three filmmakers discussing how burn out and lack of creativity have impacted them.

Kennedy Center contestants reveal moments behind winning photos

BYU's International Study Program Photo Contest announced two best-in-show and one runner-up on Dec. 8. The photos are now on display in the Kennedy Center. 

MOA director, students discuss importance of fine art on campus

BYU students and the Museum of Art director shared their personal experiences and views regarding the importance of fine art on campus.

2023 Sundance Film Festival tickets for sale now

Locals, travelers and stars alike anticipate the films and documentaries premiering at Sundance Film Festival on January 19-29 in Park City.
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