BYU Harold B. Lee Library features ‘Latter-day Gamers’ exhibit

The O.C. Tanner Exhibition Room on the first floor of BYU's Harold B. Lee Library is hosting the Latter Day Gamers exhibit from Oct. 2022 to June 2023.

From filmmaker to rockstar: A former BYU film student’s journey in Cambodia

It was the Summer of 2009 when Andrew Todd Smith stood alongside his peers on the stage of Cambodian Television News with a trumpet in hand.

BYU English faculty member emphasizes importance of creativity

Shelli Spotts, adjunct faculty member in the BYU English Department, says creativity is important for everyone to learn.

BYU Museum of Art unveils new Maynard Dixon exhibit

More than 70 masterpiece paintings by western painter Maynard Dixon are on display in a new retrospective exhibition opening at the BYU Museum of Art.

BYU student shares journey to tell meaningful stories through photography

BYU student and photographer Lily Balif hopes to make her work communicate something deeper than a nice image to look at.

‘Pick it Up Provo’: BYU student creates art from street litter

BYU advertising student Emily Hakala collects trash on her route to campus in order to create art that she hopes will inspire people to be conscious of their litter.
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