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Harriet Norcross

HB144: Bill would create online training to prevent sex trafficking

A bill proposed in the Utah Legislature would create a human trafficking education program and require sexually oriented business employees to participate in the program.

HB64: Bill would revise grandparents’ visitation rights of children

HB64 amends provisions related to custody and visitation rights of an individual other than a parent. This bill, sponsored by Rep. Kyle R. Andersen, R-Weber, addresses the Utah Supreme Court’s decision in Jones v. Jones by amending the factors that a court considers in granting visitation rights to grandparents.
Laura Seitz

HB17: Utah lawmakers looking to change how congressional vacancies are filled

U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, sent Utah into a frenzy when he announced that he would resign from Congress in June 2017....

SB70: Provo senator’s bill would allow nurses to pronounce a person...

SB70 provides the opportunity for a nurse to be able to pronounce death under certain circumstances. The bill proposed by Sen. Keith Grover, R-Utah, would make it so that the physicians are still certifying that death within 24 hours after having been pronounced, but a nurse would be able to make that determination as well as time of death.

HB 18: Regulations proposed for growing hemp harvested from cannabis plant

An Orem lawmaker wants to tighten regulations on growers of hemp, a fiber extracted from the cannabis plant, but also can be...

SJR1: Resolution would pave way for grant to improve communication about...

A Utah Legislature joint resolution aims to improve communication between physicians and health care workers about older Utahns as they transition from...