BYU Theatre announces 2024-2025 season


BYU Theatre’s 2024-2025 season brings classic tales, musical comedies, Shakespeare and a contemporary story featuring an all-female cast to the stages of West Campus.

The new season features six live productions performed by students within the BYU Theatre department: “Men on Boats,” “Crazy for You,” “Babe, the Sheep Pig,” “Henry V,” “The Cherry Orchard” and “High School Musical.” This season offers shows for audiences both young and old to enjoy.

Stephanie Breinholt, the artistic director of BYU Theatre, guides the decision-making process for which shows to present during next year’s season. She was surprised by how working within BYU West Campus, formerly Provo High School, has not lessened the caliber of these productions.

“We’ve been super creative, and this season it’s going to be, I think, even a little bit more creative in the staging and execution of our shows,” Breinholt said. “It’s going to be a really great tribute to being here at the old Provo High before we move back into the new building.”

Posters for each production during the 2024-2025 BYU Theatre season display information on how long each show will run. Each show offers new, creative ways to showcase the talents of BYU Theatre students. (BYU Arts)

Each show offers a distinct purpose for both BYU Theatre students and audiences. “Men on Boats” is a modern play featuring an all-female cast, bringing a new perspective on masculinity and satire, Breinholt said. This production will run from Oct. 18 through Nov. 2, according to the BYU Arts website.

“We have a lot of female students,” she said. “We wanted to be able to use their talents, and we also like to do new plays as much as possible.”

“Crazy for You” is a Gershwin musical incorporating tap-dance numbers performed by BFA Music Dance Theatre students. This production will run from Nov. 8 through Dec. 7.

“Babe, the Sheep Pig” is based on the famous novel by Dick King-Smith and Oscar-winning movie, inviting younger audiences to enjoy what BYU Theatre has to offer, Breinholt said. This production will run from Nov. 13-23.

“Henry V” is a Shakespeare play performed by BYU Young Company. Breinholt said Young Company rotates between various Shakespeare plays each season, so BYU Theatre decided to present a historical piece. This production will run from Feb. 12-22.

“It talks about struggle and times of conflict,” she said. “It seemed appropriate for where our world is right now.”

“The Cherry Orchard” is a classic Russian play that teaches how there can be rebirth despite life’s hardships, challenging BFA Acting seniors in terms of their acting, Breinholt said. This production will run from March 28 through April 12.

Cammi Baker, a junior in the Theatre Arts Studies program, will be working as the makeup and hair designer for “The Cherry Orchard.” She said BYU Theatre productions have allowed her to put her theatre skills into practice and work with a talented and creative team.

“Last year, I had the opportunity to work on ‘House of Desires’ as the assistant hair and makeup designer and it was an amazing experience,” Baker said. “Because of that, I am really excited to be the lead designer for ‘The Cherry Orchard’ and experience the whole process of bringing my ideas to life.”

“High School Musical” is based on the popular Disney Channel movie about two high school students who try out for a musical, shaking up the environment of their school, Breinholt said. This production will run from May 30 through June 14.

“We just thought, ‘Why not embrace the fact that we’ve spent a few years here at the old Provo High School and just jump in and have a really fun high school experience?’” Breinholt said.

Exact dates and further information regarding each production can be found on the BYU Arts website. Season tickets go on sale on Wednesday, May 29, while tickets for individual shows will go on sale on Wednesday, Aug. 14. Tickets can be purchased online on the BYU Arts website, in person at the Marriott Center box office, or by calling 801-422-2981.

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