Provo Temple demolition in progress to make way for Provo Rock Canyon Temple


People walking around Rock Canyon may not recognize the area anymore. 

Where the Provo Utah Temple once stood, there are construction signs, trucks and blue tarps covering the fences.

Standing for more than 50 years, the temple was referred to by some as the “cupcake temple” because of its unique architecture.

Angie Wright grew up in Provo and remembers it as an iconic landmark in her life.

“I remember hearing most of the time it was like an upsidedown thumbtack. That was the description,” Wright said.

Wright said she has fond memories of when she got married in the Provo temple.

Angie Wright and her four young children sit outside the temple. The Provo Utah temple holds memories for many. (Courtesy of Angie Wright)

“My husband and I both grew up here so I just heard it was gone so we’d thought we’d stop by and see,” she said.

The temple site has undergone a dramatic change. While its oval shape was still faintly visible weeks ago, today, only scattered debris remain.

Tim Herrera lived in Provo while attending BYU for business. He said he will miss the temple.

“It’s somewhat heartbreaking,” Herrera said. “I have a lot of fond memories here while we were at BYU; [as] a young married couple we came here often. But I understand it has to be done.”

When finished, the temple will reopen with the name Provo Rock Canyon Temple. It is unclear when the new temple will be completed, but the community looks forward to its emergence.

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