Joe Biden wins Utah, local Democrats choose precinct chairs, delegates on Super Tuesday

Voters from around Utah County discuss delegation of responsibility. Voters were divided into their respective cities, then into their respective precincts within those cities. (Megan Sibley)

The Utah County Democratic caucus was held in the gymnasium of Fox Hollow Elementary School in Lehi on Tuesday, March 5, and voters from Utah Valley precincts showed up to appoint delegates.

Utah Democrats had already cast their primary votes for presidential candidates by mail-in ballot. President Joe Biden secured the Democractic vote.

The meeting was conducted by Katie L. Adams-Anderton, Chair of the Utah County Democrats. She opened the meeting by emphasizing the importance of this year’s election.

“Many rights are on the line,” Adams-Anderton said.

The Republican Party is unwilling to cooperate with Democrats on immigration bills, she said. “They would rather have the bill not pass so that they can use it as a tool to rally up their voters,” she said. 

She also claimed Utah state representatives were more concerned with giving tax breaks to “the 1%,” ending diversity programs in schools and “attacking our children who are LGBTQ identified.” 

“You have to volunteer and donate your money,” Adams-Anderton said. “We have to make a difference at a grassroots level. Are you willing to commit to working for those in your community and show that Democrats are here and we do have a sense of duty to our country and we do have patriotism?” 

The attendees were organized into groups based on city. They chose delegates and precinct chairs for each precinct which had residents in attendance. 

Precinct chairs are responsible for locating Democrats in their precinct and collecting donations for the party. Delegates canvass neighborhoods within their precinct and cast votes on behalf of their precinct at Democratic conventions. 

Forms were passed out to every voting-age attendee to sign up for either one or both of these roles.

The Democratic Convention will be held in Chicago from August 19-22 this year.

Two attendees left the event. Utah Valley’s Democratic caucus was held at Fox Hollow Elementary School (Megan Sibley)
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