Kristin Chenoweth shares life story, power of family history


Award-winning actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth shared her life story at RootsTech, the world’s largest family celebration and discovery event. 

Chenoweth was adopted at birth and said her singing career began as a young girl.

“I realized I knew I wanted to be a singer before I could speak,” she said.

Addressing RootsTech attendees, Chenoweth said God blessed her with a loving family and supportive parents.

She said her parents not only nurtured her artistic pursuits, but also embraced her desire to reconnect with her biological mother in 2012.

“I have two families and both of them, the biological family and the family that raised me made me who I am,” Chenoweth said.

She said knowing and loving both her adoptive and biological families is a precious gift that enriches her sense of belonging and identity.

“It was something that just went ‘click’ for me,” Chenoweth said.

Diahan Southard, founder and CEO of Your DNA Guide, hosted one of many booths in RootsTech’s Expo Hall.

Southard expressed concern that the disconnect between today’s youth and their ancestors appears to be hurting their sense of self.

“Because they don’t know the stories of their ancestors, they don’t have a big picture of who they are,” she said.

However, there is something empowering about uncovering your roots and seeing how all those different life experiences have shaped who you are today, Southard said.

“If they knew those stories, they may gather strength and courage and be able to attack things in their lives that maybe they thought they couldn’t,” she said.

Chenoweth added discovering your past and writing your own story is a process.

“Have patience with yourself as you go on this journey … you make mistakes … you are learning and growing … so don’t forget to have grace with yourself,” Chenoweth said.

For those interested in unveiling their history, RootsTech is offering free online access to this year’s recorded sessions, keynote addresses and other inspiring content year-round.

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