Elder Soares addresses young adults worldwide from Mexico City


Elder Ulisses Soares of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints addressed young adults at a worldwide devotional on Sunday, Feb. 18.

Elder Soares and his wife Rosana gave a message about faith and enduring through trials. They spoke about the temple and centering life on Jesus Christ.

The devotional was held in Mexico City. The Church broadcast the devotional online through its website and YouTube channel. Church units gathered to watch the broadcast live.

“I thought it was very special that it was in Spanish,” Isabel Benjamin said.

Benjamin watched the devotional with one of the three Spanish speaking wards in Provo. Her ward normally watches these types of devotionals with live interpretation or wait until the Church translates them, she said.

“I’m very happy because the devotional was recorded in my country and the event’s location is very close to my house,” Domingo Sosa said.

Sosa is a member of Benjamin’s ward as well. He is from Mexico City, he said, and his family was present at the devotional. They sent him pictures.

“It was very cool to be far away watching the same devotional,” he said.

Several of Elder Soares’ points deeply resonated with Benjamin, she shared.

“Having faith and striving to be disciples of Christ and live the gospel doesn’t mean that we’re not going to have challenges in life and that we’re not going to face difficulties but that … those things can help strengthen us,” she said.

The first musical number also touched her heart, Benjamin expressed.

Sosa enjoyed the devotional as well, he said.

“I really liked how the apostle was willing to listen to questions,” Sosa said.

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