An unlikely fusion: bagels, boba, burritos and books


BYU Dining recently added a new storefront for students, but not in the Cougareat. Students and staff alike are excited for the new place that allows them to take a break, study and eat right in the Harold B. Lee Library.

The new Library Cafe opened for business on the first day of fall semester at BYU. Employees say the cafe was inspired by other university cafes across the nation.

“You go to any other university in the United States and there’s some kind of cafe in the libraries and we just didn’t have that,” Scott Pinkham, the Assistant General Manager of BYU Dining Services, said.

The cafe serves a variety of food across two storefronts: the Bagel Bubble and Provecho. The food they serve includes convenience store fare, bagels and cream cheese, boba and Mexican-style food.

Cafe customer Alex Banning said he loves everything about the new spot to meet and eat.

“It’s really convenient, like I’m just up in the library most of the time studying in one of the study rooms so I can just come here,” Banning said.

Managing staff says one of the biggest draws for customers may be the enthusiastic efforts of their employees. Cafe manager Evan Brandley even attributed the cafe’s early successes to the workers. This is part of the reason why they have high hopes for the future of the cafe.

“We want to see the business double for the first few years,” Brandley said.

Some employees said they might even outsell the Chick-fil-A at the Cougareat in coming years. New menu items at the cafe, like burritos at Provecho, may be coming soon.

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