Campus reaches new heights with Tall Club


BYU students gathered together in the Wilkinson Student Center on Nov. 28 for milk and cookies at the inaugural Tall Club meeting.

Juliette Ball, a 5’11″ senior, came up with the idea for Tall Club while skiing with the now vice president, she said.

“I just thought it’d be a fun opportunity to meet other tall people in like a non-competitive environment. And really just, you know, expand our circle of friends,” Ball said.

A student writes her favorite thing about being tall. More than 30 people were present at Tall Club’s inaugural meeting. (Andrew Osborn)

The Tall Club is the first club Ball has started, and she said it has no height requirement.

“We also think it’s a good opportunity if you’re looking for another member on your intramural basketball team, or if you are looking for a tall date or something, like just a good place to meet other people. And we’re all here for the same purpose, and that is to be tall,” Ball said.

After seeing an inactive Tall Club in the BYU clubs website his freshman year, meeting attendee Benjamin Vance had been waiting for someone to revive the club, he said.

This Daily Universe article from 2003 reports on the original BYU Tall Club.

Ball found out about Tall Club’s predecessor only after she submitted the application to start the club, she said.

“The reason why I come to Tall Club is because I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to be surrounded by people around my height. And to my surprise, there are actually people taller than me here. So I mean, you really never know what you’re gonna find when you come to the Tall Club,” Vance said.

Vance, 6’5″, said he hopes to see more activities in Tall Club’s future.

Tall BYU students mingle as they snack on milk and cookies. Founder Juliette Ball plans on doing similar meetings once a month. (Andrew Osborn)

“All I can say is tall men are kings and tall women are queens,” he said.

The tallest person in attendance was 6’9″ Gordon McCreadie.

“There’s a general feeling of tallness shared by all,” he said about the meeting.

McCreadie was accompanied by his not-particularly-tall girlfriend.

“It’s fun. It gives me a reason to come. They gave him a flier and then they looked at me and they’re like, ‘you can come too, I guess,’” she said.

In regards to the future of Tall Club, founder Juliette Ball is planning on keeping it fairly unstructured.

“It’s nothing too crazy. We only meet once a month. So it’s just a place where we’re trying to keep it pretty unstructured so that people can just mingle and get to know each other,” Ball said.

Students can follow along with Tall Club and its activities on their Instagram here.

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