Boba to bagels: The library’s newest addition, the Library Cafe

Students are waiting to place their orders at The Bagel Bubble. The new Library Cafe offers a wide variety of items for students. (Hassan El-Cheikh)

As students returned to campus this fall, the Harold B. Lee Library debuted a new addition.

Students no longer have to walk to the Tanner Building’s Blue Line Deli or wait in line for a vending machine. The new Library Cafe, located on the third floor in the east wing, is a convenient spot for students to grab a quick bite while they are studying on campus.

The cafe offers three dining options: The Bagel Bubble, Provecho and a small convenience store. The Bagel Bubble has a wide variety of boba and bagels, while Provecho has a selection of Mexican food like tacos, rice bowls and tostadas.

The BYU Library Cafe offers many items that can be grabbed on the go. Some students say the Cafe is more convenient than the vending machines. (Hassan El-Cheikh)

BYU sophomore Teagan Mounter from Farmington appreciates that the cafe is right in the middle of campus, creating an easy place to get her brown sugar boba and other quick snacks.

“I like the cafe because it’s in the middle of campus so you can just get it really quick,” Mounter said. “The cafe is like a big vending machine. The vending machines in the library are so bad, they don’t work, and so you can just grab whatever you need.”

Sam Heath, a BYU junior from Orem, said he likes how convenient the new cafe is.

“There’s just not a ton of breakfast options on campus,” Heath said. “Just this morning I was like, ‘I don’t have time to grab breakfast on my way’, so just the fact that it’s in the library close to everywhere is beneficial when you’re in a time crunch.”

Heath also said he loves the combination of bagels and boba, although he admits the pairing is an interesting one.

Makylee Jensen, a music education student from North Bend, Washington, works at the Library Cafe and loves the atmosphere of the library’s newest addition.

“Everyone’s really nice — it’s a great community, and it’s super fun to come into work every day,” Jensen said.

Although Jensen said the lunchtime rush can get a bit chaotic, the cafe team works together to get everyone’s order out in a timely manner. Jensen encourages all students to come and try the new cafe for themselves.

“Come try things. There’s so many options,” Jensen said.

While cafe employees recommend any of their items, their current top seller is the cinnamon French toast bagel.

The Library Cafe’s Bagel Bubble and convenience store are open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Provecho is open Monday through Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The new Library Cafe offers an abundance of seating options for a great dining experience. The cafe opened Sept. 2 in the Harold B. Lee Library. (Hassan El-Cheikh)
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