BYU student covered in True Blue Foam. Students go down a large slide covered with blue foam to express school spirit. (Audrey Hill)

BYU students dove through blue foam to show off their school spirit and become “True Blue” on Friday, Sept. 15, to celebrate BYUSA’s annual True Blue Foam event.

Campus passersby might have been surprised to see students walking around covered in what looked like blue bubbles Friday afternoon. These students participated in the True Blue Foam event, an annual tradition at BYU and a “must-have experience for every BYU student,” according to the BYUSA website.

This experience allowed students to show the world their school spirit by plunging through foam dyed blue on a large plastic slide. 

While waiting for their chance to dive into the foam, students were welcomed enthusiastically by members of BYUSA with high fives and words of welcome. 

“We love being able to put on this historic event and to promote the True Blue Spirit of BYU at the beginning of the year,” Dallin Bundy, BYUSA Vice President, said.

The True Blue Foam slide started at the top of the Helaman Fields hill. The slide was managed by volunteers who kept the slide in place and sprayed blue foam.

After waiting in line, students approached the slide with varying degrees of anticipation. Some students took a running head start to dive onto the slide, while other students took a more cautious route of settling down onto the slide before beginning. Regardless of how the students began, by the bottom of the slide everyone was covered in True Blue Foam.

BYU student and True Blue Foam participant Natalie Lindorf said the event was “like nothing I’ve ever done before.”

“I would go back right now,” Lindorf said.

After the slide, students were required to shower off as much blue foam as possible before leaving Helaman Fields. 

“We were soaked in blue,” BYU student Spencer Jones said about the experience after completing the slide. 

A student covered in the True Blue Foam. BYU students participate in the annual event to show their school spirit. (Audrey Hill)

Cosmo the Cougar also made an appearance, energetically greeting students and pumping them up for the opportunity to be temporarily turned blue by the foam.

“It was really fun getting a photo with Cosmo,” Kylie Poe, a BYU freshman, said. 

BYUSA said they were grateful for Cosmo’s willingness to attend the event and spread BYU spirit.

“Ten out of ten would recommend,” Jones said.

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