Annual Utah State Fair returns for 11-day event


Thousands of Utahns visited the Utah State Fair in West Salt Lake on Friday, Sept. 15.

The 11-day fair started on Sept. 7 with a variety of different events including carnival rides, fair foods and animal showcases.

One of those events was the annual Beef Feast, where fair-goers could eat steak sandwiches made by professional grillers.

Fair guests also had the opportunity to interact with an assortment of baby animals and learn about their daily care and feeding from volunteers at the station.

“I think for the residents of Utah, it is a place that they can come and see agriculture still in place. It is so important for our people,” Wade Garrett, a member of the Utah Farm Bureau said.

Russel Faatz, a Beef Feast griller, said there is something for everyone at the fair.

“Young, old, male, female, I mean there’s something here for everybody to show their interest,” he said.

Those at the fair could ride carnival rides, listen to live music, win prizes and buy sweets from the large candy store in the middle of the fair.

Additionally, individuals could learn more about Utah’s agriculture and interact with farm animals in different barns, as well as participate in activities hosted by the Utah Farm Bureau.

“A lot of people that live in the urban areas don’t have the opportunity to see the livestock and the farming and agriculture side of things,” Faatz said.

Youth also had the opportunity to show off their prize cattle at the fair and highlight their skills as ranchers in front of a large audience.

“There’s a lot more youth getting involved in it and that’s a great thing to see,” Faatz said.

More than 300,000 guests are expected to visit the fair this year, according to the Utah State Fair website.

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