BYU clubs provide social outlet for incoming freshman


Through BYUSA Clubs, students have the opportunity to meet people with similar goals, build campus community and develop skills, hobbies or talents.

Clubs Night takes place each Tuesday night in the Wilkinson Student Center from 7-10 p.m. While that night is when many clubs get together, there are clubs that meet almost every day of the week, according to BYUSA Clubs coordinator Robyn Damon.

BYUSA Clubs, organized through the Student Connection and Leadership Center, is home to nearly 150 active clubs, as well as various academic associations.

Unlike clubs, academic associations are run by faculty from a specific college. All funding and approvals go through the college that sponsors the academic association, according to Damon. She said that academic associations are a great tool for students to network with classmates who have similar interests.

BYUSA Clubs allow students to get away from academics and find commonalities with others at BYU, she said.

“The BYUSA Clubs are a chance for students to kind of have that outlet that’s not academic, that’s not just studying, and it’s very social,” Damon said.

Throughout the year, BYUSA Clubs puts on various events to raise awareness about different clubs offered on campus. One of those events, the annual Clubs Rush, is an opportunity for students to ask questions, talk to club presidents and socialize with other students.

This year’s Clubs Rush takes place on Sept. 12.

Club members can also participate in Care Week this November, fundraising for charities of their choosing. Throughout that week, proceeds from different concerts, shows and races happening across campus go toward different nonprofits.

Some of the more popular BYUSA clubs include Country Swing, the Board Games Association, and Knights of the Y. These clubs get hundreds of students to participate each week, according to BYUSA Clubs Vice President Jared Meline

Meline believes the various clubs at BYU create a better atmosphere for students to find friends and build strong relationships.

“Whether you run into somebody that really loves Dungeons and Dragons or they’re really into playing Pickleball, we have clubs for both of those,” Meline said. “You could recommend so many more opportunities for the students to be involved and to better their campus experience.”

Through clubs, students can form new friendships, find leadership opportunities and enhance their overall BYU experience.

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