Local animal rescue provides relief for Utah Valley shelters


The Utah Valley Animal Rescue in Spanish Fork is providing relief for local animal shelters.

Heathre Hone, owner of Utah Valley Animal Rescue, believed she could be doing more to help animals that were not getting adopted. She volunteered at an animal shelter for four years, but as she was driving home one day, decided to start a rescue.

The rescue first started in Hone’s garage in 2014, but quickly outgrew the small space. A generous donation helped fund a new facility for the rescue to provide for cats and dogs.

“Day-to-day we take care of the cats, we clean all of the kennels, we make sure all of the sick cats are getting their medicine and making sure that everyone is staying healthy so we can send them out to PetSmart,” Joslyn Seamons, an employee at Utah Valley Animal Rescue said.

PetSmart Charities is an organization that works with different non-profit rescues to help adopt animals that come through the rescues. The Utah Valley Animal Rescue has developed a strong relationship with the Orem PetSmart store to help provide an outlet for adoption.

“We have half the kennels in American Fork and all the kennels in Orem,” Hone said, regarding the PetSmart kennels they fill with their rescued animals.

As animals come to the rescue they may have different behavioral or health-related issues that may need special attention before adoption.

“Each animal that comes in is different, every single one of them,” Hone said.

The rescue works with the animals to make them feel more comfortable by providing a loving environment for the animals to learn and grow.

“It’s just a lot of patience and a lot of positive reaction,” Hone said.

Volunteers can also provide a safe space for these animals as they prepare for adoption. The foster program at the rescue allows volunteers to take care of the vulnerable animals in the comfort of their own home.

“We provide everything; they just get to volunteer and play with the animals until it gets adopted,” Hone said.

Members of the community can also help provide relief for the animals by donating blankets, food, kitten formula or monetary donations to the rescue.

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