Provo police engage with community in annual cookout

(Joel Leighton and Ethan Porter)

Dozens gathered in Lions Park on Wednesday, May 7 for the annual “Brats with Cops” cookout hosted by the Provo police department to increase community engagement.

Chief of Police Troy Beebe emphasized the importance of cooperation and friendship between the police and the citizens of Provo.

“For us to solve crime it takes partnerships, it takes meeting people and developing trust,” Beebe said.

The Provo police department has hosted the event each week in June for the last couple of years to engage with the community and create a city of love and respect, according to Beebe.

BYU graduate Kayue Chan Au believes police outreach is an important part of community.

“Being able to bring the community together and getting them closer, we’ll be able to have a better relationship with them,” Chan said.

According to Beebe, the reputation of the police has been damaged over the years because of the actions of a few cops across the country.

He stated that establishing connections within the Provo community is a vital part of the police department’s mission of creating a safer community.

“Our mission statement very easily describes what we do. We work with citizens to improve quality of life. We safeguard liberties and stop crime and we provide a professional police service with compassion,” Beebe said.

Provo council candidate, Stan Jensen, believes events like “Brats with Cops” helps build the police department’s image and creates a safer environment for community collaboration.

“I very much like to support what they are doing and I love these events where everybody gets to see them in a different context and build some rapport,” Jensen said.

One of the department’s core values is working with citizens, allied agencies and community organizations to build trust and find lasting solutions to problems.

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