Spring cleaning can declutter home, headspace, BYU student says


With spring underway, some BYU students say they are starting the process of spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning is not just about the physical act of cleaning, but can also have mental health benefits. According to a study by the American Cleaning Institute, people who engage in regular cleaning activities reported feeling less stressed and more productive.

BYU nursing student Claire Rice Collett said she did some spring cleaning to kick off midterms. Decluttering her home also declutters her mind, she said. “I am much happier and less anxious when I have a clean house. I can focus on what needs to be done and it lightens my mental load,” Collett said.

When cleaning her house, she chooses a room each weekend to focus on and tidy up. Being consistent in keeping an organized household allows the tasks to be kept small, Collet said.

Professional organizer Mary Katherine Ballard Wolvington suggests having a second eye when decluttering can be extremely beneficial, especially when deciding what to keep and what to donate. Decluttering adds a refreshing look and feel to a home, Wolvington added.

When organizing, Wolvington suggested using acrylic bins so everything has a spot and is visible. She also recommended the use of labels to allow residents and guests to easily access everything.

Another BYU student, Rachel Foster, gives attention to decluttering both in the spring and all year round. She said whenever she is going through her closet to pick out an outfit, she removes any items she would not wear that day. This allows her to keep a more tidy space where every item serves a purpose.

When organizing, Foster said there are bound to be items that are no longer needed. Foster takes her no longer needed items to Plato’s Closet where she is paid for the items she brings in.

“My sibling-in-law, Jae Collett, is running a gender-affirming clothing drive at Encircle now until April 7th for their capstone project. I am planning to bring my wearable clothes to the Encircle house and the other clothes to DI,” Collett said.

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