Google Fiber working to expand presence in Provo


Google Fiber is working to expand its service in Provo by providing internet to small businesses and homes, according to Silva Castro, the company’s government and community manager for Utah.

Google Fiber was one of the first services to provide gigabit internet speeds in the United States, which it claimed would provide internet connectivity many times faster than the national average.

“I remember, just a few years ago, when people thought ‘one gig, what are we going to do with all that?’ And now one gig seems like the minimum.” Castro said.

Since it first arrived in Provo, Google Fiber has spread to several Utah cities, including Salt Lake, Sandy and Taylorsville. The company plans to continue expanding, according to Castro.

“We are actually working our way through the Wasatch front right now,” Castro said.

Google Fiber has also promised on its website to expand services in the Provo area. “We want to be able to serve as much of the city as possible,” Castro said.

According to Castro, the principal market for Google Fiber is away from major commercial contracts, and instead in homes and small companies.

“Our product really focuses on residential and small business.” Castro shared.

This focus means a lot of opportunity for Google Fiber, since Provo is one of the highest-rated cities in the country for both places to live and places to start a business.

In addition to providing high-speed internet, the company has been investing in non-profit organizations focused on improving digital literacy.

“We want to ensure that not only we provide the internet, but that people are able to learn how to access it and learn how to have better opportunities because of it.” Castro said.

That investment benefits Google as well, since increased internet literacy means more internet subscribers and more searches on the Google search engine.

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