Eye on the Y: Professor, grad students create AI to optimize film study for football teams; BYU Media Arts alumni help edit a short film series


Professor, grad students create AI to optimize film study for football teams

BYU professor D.J. Lee and students Shad Torrie and Andrew Sumsion collected footage from BYU’s football team. This footage was used to help create an algorithm that could improve the film study of this team and many others. (Photo courtesy of  Nate Edwards/BYU Photo)

BYU professor D.J. Lee, master’s student Jacob Newman and Ph.D. students Andrew Sumsion and Shad Torrie used footage of BYU’s football team and footage of Madden 2020 to help create an algorithm that could accurately identify formations 99.5% when the correct data is inserted.

Traditionally, coaches and players analyze footage manually to determine patterns in their opponents’ strategies. The new technology will automate this process and save time. Although the research is new, the algorithm has already achieved 90% accuracy in determining player detection and labeling.

The creators believe the AI system could potentially have major influences not only in football but in many other sports as well.

BYU Media Arts alumni edit PBS short film series

BYU Media Arts alumni will edit a mini-series about people in the communities of all 21 counties of New Jersey.(Photo courtesy of Madi Sedgwick)

Producer and BYU faculty Brad Barber invited BYU Media Arts alumni to help edit the short film series “21” to document the lives of people making a difference in the 21 counties of the state of New Jersey.

Producers at New Jersey’s PBS station approached Barber after they completed a similar project called “States of America.” Barber’s project is similar however, it will focus on citizens of just New Jersey, not all 50 states.

These 8 to 10-minute episodes will be shown on PBS’ Indie Lens PopUp Series, with the latest episode, “21: Bergen County,” airing on March 15 at 7:30 p.m. ET.

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