Eye on the Y: BYU unveils ancient Chinese art piece at the JFSB, BYU announces 2023 Changemaker challenge winners


BYU unveils ancient Chinese art piece at the JFSB

The Dragon Gate piece of art from the Qing dynasty depicts an ancient Chinese legend. It was donated by Ronald D. Rosado and was unveiled on Dec. 13 at the JFSB. (Photo courtesy of Josh Perkey)

“The Dragon Gate,” an ancient Chinese piece of art from the Qing dynasty, was unveiled on the fourth floor of the JFSB on Dec. 13 after it was donated by BYU alumnus Ronald D. Rosado.

Rosado came across the piece when it was being used as a headboard in the primary bedroom of a California rental home. Assuming that it was simply a reproduction, Rosado bought the headboard for only 200$. Out of curiosity, Rosado sent a picture to the de Young Museum in San Francisco who, to his surprise, determined that the headboard was actually an authentic piece of art from the Qing dynasty. He later donated the headboard to BYU College of Humanities in 2022.

The panel depicts an ancient Chinese legend on how a humble carp can become a mighty dragon. If the carp were able to swim upstream and get over the dragon gate, then the carp would earn his place in the sky as a powerful dragon.

Students are invited to seek “motivation on his or her own journey upstream” by visiting the fourth floor of the JFSB.

BYU announces 2023 Changemaker challenge winners

Winners of this year’s Changemaker Challenge. (Photos courtesy of Changemaker Challenge)

This year’s winners of the BYU Ballard Social Impact Center’s Changemaker Challenge were announced on Feb. 7.

The purpose of the Changemaker Challenge is to encourage problem-solving in philanthropy, humanitarianism and sustainability. The contestants were encouraged to submit Instagram reels on their proposed projects where members of the community can then vote on which projects should receive funding.

This year the winners were: Garrett & Jacob Stanford in first place winning 1,000$, Emmie Sheets, who placed second and was granted 750$ and Eli Wright, who won third place and 500$.

The Changemaker Challenge encourages students to share their ideas and to strive for positive change in the world.

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