Library construction causes students to adjust studying plans


The Harold B. Lee Library has had ongoing construction on the third and fourth floors to improve space for student use. Some students who study in the library have had to adjust their routines in order to accommodate these disruptions.

“I study in the library, probably split between my apartment and the library. I like studying in the reading room or on one of the top floors,” library help desk worker Marea Glade said. 

“I feel like some of the other areas are a little bit more crowded, so sometimes it’s hard to find a spot,” library help desk worker Madeline Williamson said.

“There’s been an increase of people here in this area, but I don’t think there’s an increase of people overall because of the construction,” library help desk worker Sophia Ferraz said.

Help desk workers in the library have had varying experiences in assisting students with the transition. As the semester progresses there is less re-acclimation on both ends.

“It’s been a little bit frustrating with the printers, when we had construction in front of me over there, people didn’t know where the printers were and would come up and ask all the time where they were,” Ferraz said.

“It might affect other desks, but so far it hasn’t affected our desk very much, that I’ve noticed,” Glade said.

In general, however, there is a positive attitude towards these changes and what the future of the library looks like.

“I like the little glass cubicles that they have, even though it isn’t soundproof, you feel like you’re in your own little spot and it’s just really nice,” Williamson said.

“I think it looks amazing, especially with the big windows, I feel like one or two semesters of construction is worth it for what we have now,” Ferraz said.

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