Students serve others during BYU Care Week


From ping pong to chess to medieval fencing, BYU offers a club for just about anyone. This week BYU Clubs are giving back by participating in Care Week, an event put on each semester by BYUSA to help raise money for charities and nonprofits throughout Utah.

“It’s a great way to serve others, serve god. It’s just a great way to be a good community member,” clubs team lead Michael Park said.

The week is filled with a variety of activities such as concerts, a game night and even a roller skating activity with all proceeds going towards nonprofits.

The Tribe of Many Feathers is a club that promotes awareness and appreciation for Native American culture. They are using this opportunity to raise money for a charity of their choice.

“We raise money during Care Week for Adopt-A-Native-Elder. Native Americans who may not have access to water or electricity. They do a lot of work providing for necessities,” Tribe of Many Feathers President Erika Yellowhair said.

The club sold fry bread and Navajo tacos to help raise money for the Adopt-A-Native-Elder organization. BYU students and faculty were able to enjoy the food while donating to a good cause.

“We understand that from the basics of BYU’s mission to go forth and serve. That’s what we do and that’s part of our culture, we serve each other because we’re a family and we’re all related,” Yellowhair said.

To find more information about Care Week and the events happening for the rest of the week, check out the BYUSA Clubs Instagram.

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