Students share their thoughts about costumes on campus


Halloween is on its way and Daily Universe reporter Samantha Birrell went on campus to see if college students are too old to play dress up.

“It’s a form of expression. And I like, makeup and stuff like that. And so put so much hard work into it, I would definitely wear my costume around campus,” student Aliza Sparti said.

“I think dressing up in costumes is super cool,” lacrosse player Jacob Berndt said.

“I mean at BYU yeah, I feel like everyone does,” BYU student Lauren Likes said. Likes and her friend Ashley Zundel are planning on wearing costumes to campus for Halloween.

“I think it’s fun. I think it’s a social event and it’s a way to connect with other people. And it’s really fun. Celebrate a holiday,” Zundel said.

With Halloween only two weeks away, students are making the final decisions on their costumes.

“Probably a character from ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender.’ Like the Painted Lady or Ty Lee or something,” student Isabel Pho.

“I think I want to go for like a zombie, kind of like, doctor this year,” Sparti said.

“I play on the lacrosse team. Me with my position, we are all dressing up as like sexy cowboys. So, it will be kind of fun,” Berndt said.

“This year for Halloween we’re doing like a joint costume,” Zundel said. Likes will be Miley Cyrus and Zundel will be Hannah Montana.

“The best of both worlds right here,” Likes said.

While many students expressed excitement for dressing up for Halloween, others expressed fear for being the only one in class to do so.

“I don’t think I would dress up for school, even if I did have class, just because it’s just a little much for me. But definitely to a party,” Zundel said.

“I love going to like the parties and being able to do it with like groups of my friends and everything,” Berndt said.

That said, there are still many students excited to keep the campus costume tradition alive this year.

“Halloween’s like the perfect time to kind of just like let loose and go crazy with it. Because everybody else does it too. And so, if you’re considering it, I say one hundred percent go for it,” Sparti said.

“This is your one life, right? Do what makes you excited and know that most people actually are admiring you,” Pho said.

Whether you costume a little or a lot, costuming in college is supported at BYU.

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