BYU students plan to move home, some to stay after Thanksgiving


BYU announced in June that all classes would be remote after Thanksgiving and students would be encouraged to move home to finish the semester.

Not all universities are taking the same precautions with students traveling home for the holidays. BYU students come from all 50 states and various countries around the world. With the possibility of students living in hot spots of the virus, BYU determined that it would be safest to make all classes remote from Thanksgiving Break until the beginning of Winter Semester.

“I am moving home to St. George once classes are remote. I am a senior graduating in December, so most of my school work is due before Thanksgiving,” Riley Lyman said. “I also have a job starting when I move home that I am excited for.”

Riley Lyman excited to finish the semester and head back home to Saint George. (Riley Lyman)

Junior Sydney Lima said she plans on vacationing once classes are all remote after Thanksgiving break.

“I have nothing tying me down to be in Provo once classes are all online. My family loves to travel, and we haven’t had the opportunity to do much of that this year. It will be nice to spend quality time with family and still be able to finish the semester,” Lima said.

Sydney Lima walking home from campus excited to finish the semester. (Sydney Lima)

Just because classes will be remote does not mean that all students will be moving back home with their families after Thanksgiving break.

BYU basketball player Kolby Lee said he will be staying in Provo rather than moving back to Idaho with his family.

Kolby Lee coming off the court during a game from last season. (BYU Photo)

“I am staying on campus after Thanksgiving break because of basketball. We have upcoming practices and games, and there are no days off,” Lee said.

Many students have other commitments that are keeping them in Provo.

BYU student Tiare Spencer said her job is keeping her in Provo. “I am a research assistant in the FHSS department on campus, and it requires that I go on campus one day a week,” Spencer said.

Tiare Spencer working at her on campus job. (Tiare Spencer)

Another reason for Spencer to stay in Provo is her housing contract. “I pay rent each month for my year long housing contract, and I would hate to see it go to waste,” Spencer said.

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