BYU Student Health Center now offering same-day COVID-19 test results

BYU Student Health Center, Preston Crawley, Spring Semester, April, 2020

Brigham Young University has more than 1,000 total reported cases of COVID-19, which means the Student Health Center has been busy testing. 

As of September 18, the BYU Student Health Center is the only health center in Utah Valley that is offering same-day test results for COVID-19.

Getting COVID-19 test results typically takes between 24 and 48 hours. But the BYU Student Health Center is now offering a new test with same-day results.

“That’s what we’re really excited about is that we can get those results to the patient literally within an hour or two,” said Keith Willmore, the health center’s medical director.

Willmore said they’ve been testing about 200 BYU students and employees per day. He also said up until the last month, usually around 10 percent of people tested have been positive. However, that number is gradually increasing.

“Over the last week, that has increased to somewhere between 20 and 25 percent positive,” he said.

Getting test results the same day would have been nice for BYU junior Kayleigh Minaker, who had to wait more than three days to receive her results.

Fortunately, Kayleigh tested negative, but has still had to quarantine for two weeks despite not having any symptoms. “Being stuck inside, feeling totally normal, looking outside and seeing the weather be really nice and just having to stay and stay put.”

Kayleigh agrees that the sooner people can know their results, the better.

“I think having quicker test results is a great idea, and I think that will be really beneficial so they don’t have to have more stress than needed,” she said.

BYU students and employees can call or schedule an appointment online to get tested at the health center, but Willmore recommended doing so first thing in the morning in order to get a same-day appointment.

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