Y Mountain vandalized on Father’s Day, police staying ‘hypervigilant’

BYU Paint Shop employees repaint the Y after it was vandalized on June 21. The red paint and spray paint was painted in the shape of an upside down cross. (BYU Police)

Leer en español: Policía está ‘hipervigilante’ después la montaña Y fue vandalizada

University Police said Monday, June 29, there have been no new vandalism reports since the Y on Y Mountain was defaced with red paint on Sunday, June 21.

The police report says officers found four empty one-gallon cans of red paint next to the scene. With this evidence and additional camera footage, the officers were able to capture one of the two suspects. 

Detectives were able to find and arrest Jackson Gledhill, a 19-year-old Provo resident, but they are still searching for the other suspect. 

BYU Police Lt. Rich Christianson said he was able to get the BYU Paint Shop to cover the red paint quickly once it was reported. The cost of the repair, including paint and labor, is $2,000 and was fined to Gledhill. If the other suspect is caught, he will also be charged.

This is the second BYU monument to be vandalized after the Brigham Young statue incident on June 21. 

University Police are looking for the second suspect, in the white shirt. The other suspect, Jackson Gledhill, has been arrested. (BYU Police)

There is no mention in the police report of what the suspects’ motivation was for the vandalism.

Christianson said the department hasn’t increased any patrol in these areas, but that it is keeping its eyes open for any similar incidents.  

“We have the same people out working, but we’re just being a little hypervigilant about those areas,” he said. 

Police are still searching for the suspects involved with the Brigham Young statue as well as the one other suspect with the Y Mountain incident. 

Police have not seen received any updates from detectives about vandalism on campus or the suspects that were involved since the Y mountain incident.

Anyone with information on the vandalism is encouraged to call University Police at 801-422-4222.

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