BYU Police report toilet paper and hand sanitizer thefts on campus

BYU Police reported thefts of hand sanitizer and toilet paper, two hot commodities during mass panic buying caused by COVID-19 fears. (Photo illustration by Addie Blacker)

BYU Police have received emails of stolen toilet paper and hand sanitizer on campus following shortages of both products.

Police Sgt. Rich Christiansen said he received an email reporting stolen hand sanitizer and toilet paper from the Stephen L. Richards Building and the Harold B. Lee Library. He said someone must have ripped the hand sanitizer from off the wall somehow to steal it. BYU Police are currently investigating the theft.

Christiansen said, for the most part, he’s been receiving calls to help those who are locked out. “When campus shuts down and buildings close, we get more calls for service lockouts,” he said. He received around 30 service calls over the weekend.

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