It’s one thing to act as a team in your marriage, but one couple shows us what it’s like to be on an actual sports team together.

“Kim wouldn’t have done the racquetball team if we hadn’t gotten married,” Dallas said. 

Kimberley retorted, “I hadn’t known what racquetball was before I met him.”

Dallas Heiner and his wife, Kimberley, are students here at Brigham Young University. The two married in June of this year and are now both on the university’s racquetball team.

“My least favorite part is a given: 6 am practice,” Dallas said without hesitation. “No question about that.”

However, Kimberley had a different perspective. “I feel like it has helped us grow together though because we have that shared experience. Our class schedules aren’t the same so having that, like, wake up at the same time, go to bed at the same time, I think has brought us closer together,” she said.

“Dallas coaches me all the time,” she continued. “It used to annoy me so bad. But it’s gotten to the point where I recognize my faults now because I’m around people who play, and so having that personal coach has been really nice.”

“The team has been great for that because she gets some time playing racquetball with someone besides me, so she doesn’t always get my coaching, which is probably a good thing,” Dallas laughed.

Kimberley remarked, “My favorite part of being on the team together is just that we’re going to have a shared memory forever, so years down the road when we’re playing racquetball together, we’ll be able to reminisce of our time at BYU on the same team.”

Dallas agreed, “Yeah, being able to share a sport as a couple is very fun. Having a team that helps us to apply ourselves in it more often is great. If we weren’t on the racquetball team, I’m guessing we’d go play once a week for an hour. Instead, we get, like, ten hours a week, so it’s great.”

You can watch the Heiners play at the team’s Holiday Hustle tournament next month. The tournament will be held in South Jordan at the Marv Jensen recreation center December 5-8.

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