BYU alumnus launches Premier Weddings magazine in Orem and Provo

Nick Thiele at work putting together the finishing touches for this month’s issue on Wednesday, Oct. 9. Thiele mainly put this issue together himself and contacted submissions and companies for different ads. (Angie Clayson Photography)

Wedding magazines were never in Nick Thiele’s entrepreneurship plans, but Premier Weddings magazine has become his new passion.

Like other businesses Thiele has started, Premier Weddings has required him to build relationships with other business owners to grow together.

“I’m building a network of business professionals and helping them, and now they can help me,” Thiele said.

The first business Thiele started was a real estate company called Realty Guard, which helped protect people from being taken advantage of when buying or selling a home.

Thiele bought Premier Weddings in 2014 with the hope that he would have the opportunity to get exposure for his real estate company. Under Thiele’s ownership, Premier Weddings published in 15 states, including Texas, New York and Florida.

Thiele said he is excited to have fall’s edition of Premier Weddings Provo/Orem be the first of many editions slated for the Provo and Orem area.

“My favorite thing about working with this magazine is that I love looking through all the submissions,” Heather Barlow, magazine submissions coordinator, said. “It’s hard to choose because there are so many great submissions.”

Former BYU football player Tanner Mangum and his wife, Sydney Mangum, are on the cover of falls’s Provo/Orem issue. Although they said they are excited for the opportunity to be featured, they declined to officially comment.

This Provo/Orem issue has Tanner and Sydney Mangum as the featured couple. (Nick Thiele)

Other couples featured in the magazine can buy personalized issues with themselves on the cover. To be in the magazine, brides can submit their photos with permission from their photographers. Vendors for flowers, rings, hair and makeup are credited in each issue. 

Thiele finds small and big wedding vendors and sees if they want to be featured in his magazine. He often offers companies cheaper advertising rates to give them a chance to be featured. 

Thiele said he has enjoyed getting to know small wedding vendors and companies for advertisements because he loves being able to help smaller entrepreneurs having been in their shoes.

“It’s connecting the wedding community locally,” Thiele said about the magazine.

With Thiele’s Premier Weddings of Provo/Orem’s first edition, wedding vendors can look forward to seeing how everything goes and enter their work for future editions.

Provo and Orem are Thiele’s favorite area to produce a magazine because Provo and Orem have always been a big market for weddings.

Emily Shawhan poses for wedding photos. Emily Shawhan and her husband Dylan Shawhan, who were married earlier this year, will be featured in the first edition of Premier Weddings of Provo/Orem. (Nick Thiele/Lexxi Smith Photography)

“The wedding industry is very social, there’s something about Provo — weddings click,” Thiele said. “There are of course more weddings at BYU than any other university in the country, and people get really excited to have their wedding featured.”

With the great deal of wedding excitement in Provo, Thiele said he thinks this magazine will take off and looks forward to making more issues in the Provo/Orem area. 

Thiele said Premiere Weddings is unique because instead of charging thousands of dollars for ad placements, he starts out giving businesses a lower price to give smaller vendors the opportunity to be in the magazine. Other magazines tend to solely portray high-end wedding vendors because those vendors have the money to spend on expensive ads. 

“Nothing has made me happier than working with business owners and helping them be successful,” Thiele said.

The digital version of Premier Weddings magazine of Provo and Orem launched Oct. 30. The print version will be available at a later date.

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