Day of the Dead Celebration


PROVO — Rita Cortez, a foreign flagship director at BYU and a lover of Dia de Los Muertos, wanted to make sure the holiday got the attention it deserves. So, she asked her dean if she could do something for it on campus.

Like all holidays, decorations and food are a main part of the celebration, but for Rita, there’s more to it. 

“As [I pull] out pictures of my ancestors, I’ve never personally met them but I know of them… [and think] how [do] they affect me today,” said Rita.

“[The family] part I enjoy the most actually…not all the beautiful colors and decorations but them,” said Rita. The holiday spans two days, November 1st is to honor children who have passed on and November 2nd is to remember the adults.

Rita says families, students, and faculty are all invited to the celebration. You can come to the Kennedy Center October 30th – November 1st. They have the BYU Mariachi band on Friday and tours Wednesday and Thursday at 10 am, noon, and 2 pm.

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